The Soloist


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    This happy little singer is totally wrapped up in his own singing. He needs a platform so that he can continue belting out his songs.

    I like to call this type of container a "Treasure Jar." They are perfect for keeping small items out of the way, but still accessible. He can easily hold pens, pencils, reading glasses, or anything else you may need.

    This type of jar is called a "Lidded Closed Form," but I prefer the names "Chop Stick Lid," or better yet "Yo-Yo Pot." They are made on the potter's wheel using high fire stoneware. When ready, the top is cut away, then the sculptural elements are added. The decoration is a combination of glaze and oxides.

    He is 11 1/4 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches at his widest point.